FRITES hand-cut fries tossed in parmesan and herbs with garlic aioli or... au cheval with bacon, Swiss cheese and hoppy hollandaise

ONION RINGS beer-battered and fried golden brown. House BBQ

FRICKLES battered and fried dill pickle chips. Horseradish crema
PRETZELS three warm Bavarian pretzels, lightly salted. House-made beer cheese
TOTS house-made potato croquette stuffed with aged cheddar, Swiss cheese, parmesan, queso fresco and green onion. Served over curry infused ketchup
WINGS oven roasted and fried crispy, tossed in a blend of dried chilies. or tossed in our sweet and spicy chili sauce. Carrots, celery, blue cheese dressing.
GERMAN PIZZA flatbread pizza served with chopped bratwurst, bacon jam, caramelized onions, ricotta, apple, arugula and balsamic reduction
PIEROGIES four locally made, butter -poached farm cheese pierogies. Served with sour cream, chives and herb oil
KARTOFFELPUFFER two potato scallion cakes with warm apple compote and sour cream
SAUERBRATEN MEATBALLS meatballs cooked in traditional sauerbraten gravy served with grated cheese and fresh herbs add spaetzel
SMÖRGÅSBORD humus, pita, pork rillette, assorted cured meats, assorted cheeses, pickled vegetables, grilled bread, olives
EDAMAME tossed in our sweet and spicy chili sauce
GOAT CHEESE SALAD mixed greens, seasonal fruit, goat cheese, serrano ham, lemon caper vinaigrette
PUB SALAD fried pork belly, eggs, onions, tomatoes, romaine, Caesar dressing
FOOD TRUCK TACOS grilled pork belly tacos, served with house kim-chi, avocado, pickled onions and chipotle aioli. for 3 or for 6
CHEEKY TACOS braised pork cheeks, Mexican street corn salsa, queso fresco. for 3 or for 6
MEATLESS TACOS grilled corn, black beans, cabbage slaw, cheesy poblano peppers for 3 or for 6
Daily Specials
MONDAYS ARE THE WURST Sausages, first topping and sauce is included, additional toppings and sauces 50¢ each
• Sauerkraut
• Braised Red Cabbage
• Carmelized Onions
• Oven Roasted Peppers
• Sautéed Mushrooms
• Raw Onion
• Ale Mustard
• Curried Ketchup
• Stout BBQ
• Cheddar Bier
• Roasted Garlic Aioli
• Smokey & Spicy Mayo
TUESDAYS ARE FOR MUSSELS Prince Edward Island mussels in a creamy Belgian ale sauce with leeks and pork belly. Finished with fresh herbs and topped with hand cut fries
WEDNESDAYS ARE FOR PIEROGIES .50 pierogies All pierogies are served with potato and your choice of ingredients
Farmer’s Cheese
• Jalapeño
• Onion
• Jalapeño, Cheddar & Bacon
• Garlic
• Cheddar
THURSDAYS ARE FOR NACHOS Nachos Thursday will feature a different creation each week by the Chef! Ask your server for more information about this week’s special nacho offerings!
PORK BELLY SLIDERS fried pork belly, avocado puree, sweet & spicy chili sauce, arugula for 3 or for 6
DUCK SLIDERS duck confit, blueberry gastrique, pecorino cheese. for 3 or for 6
BURGER SLIDERS blue cheese mousse, apple and onion agro dolce. for 3 or for 6
GLENN’S REUBEN SANDWICH ale braised corned beef. Topped with Thousand Island dressing, gruyere and sauerkraut
MEATBALL SUB open-faced sauerbraten meatball sub served on a pretzel roll with melted gruyere and fresh herbs.
SCHATZI’S MAC AND CHEESE fresh herb spaetzel, Swiss cheese mornay, bacon crumbles. Leave off the bacon for a (V) option on the Mac and Cheese
VEGGIE REUBEN vegetarian take on our classic reuben. Slow cooked red & yellow beets, arugula, sauerkraut, goat cheese, thousand island dressing on marble rye
BLTE house-made bacon, romaine, tomato jam, heirloom tomatoes, deviled egg spread, garlic aioli, sourdough.
SCHNITZEL thinly pounded breaded pork loin, fried golden brown. Served with butter poached potatoes, sautéed Swiss chard, lemon and Schatzi’s sauce.
DUCK pan roasted duck breast with fava beans, snap peas, cheesy fried grits, and duck jus.
RIBEYE 12oz. pocini powder rubbed and grilled rib eye with house-cut frites and a hoppy hollandaise.
BREWERS GRAIN BOWL Spent hearty grains form Sloop Brewing with sautéed swiss chard, onions, celery, carrots, gremolatta, and local micro green salad. Served “porridge” style. (V) add chicken add duck
All sausages provided by Hudson Valley Sausage Company, and are served with your choice of German potato salad or fries. Substitute onion rings for ea/ for two
CHEDDAR BRATWURST pork sausage stuffed with Vermont cheddar. House beer cheese sauce, bacon crumbles
SPICY CHEDDAR BRATWURST pork sausage infused with cheddar. Served with smoky chipotle aioli and house made chili dust
KNOCKWURST blend of pork and veal sausage, Served with curry ketchup and caramelized onions.
BRATWURST classic pork sausage served with ale mustard and sauerkraut.
SMOKED SAUSAGE A pork and beef brat slow-smoked with natural hardwood and served with chorizo and ale mustard.
Brunch is only served on Sundays. BAUMKUCHEN house-made layered cake with dark chocolate ganache. BERLINERS house-made doughnuts with varied fillings. SKILLET-BAKED CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIE with vanilla ice cream. PRETZEL BREAD PUDDING with vanilla ice cream and bourbon caramel. BYOB eggs benedict with your choice of house-made bacon, corned beef, or duck confit, 2 potato pancakes, 2 eggs any style, and hollandaise. Served with a side mixed greens salad.
BREAKFAST PIZZA pita, tomato jam, cheddar, 2 sunny side eggs, bacon
BREAKFAST BURRITO corn and black bean salsa, scrambled eggs, chipotle aioli, cheddar cheese, potatoes. Served with fries.
2 EGGS ANY STYLE with a side mixed greens salad and German potato hash
CORNED BEEF HASH corned beef, German potato hash, 2 sunny side eggs, sourdough toast
OYSTERS market oysters sold by the piece with a beer mignonette and cocktail sauce /SCHATZISPUB (market price)
BAUMKUCHEN house-made layered cake with dark chocolate ganache.
BERLINERS house-made doughnuts with varied fillings.
PRETZEL BREAD PUDDING with vanilla ice cream and bourbon caramel.
THE SCHATZI’S BURGER 8oz. Pat La Frieda blend of chuck and short rib, topped with crispy pork belly, melted cheddar, Schatzi’s sauce and a potato pancake